Accelerating the success of your Clean Fight

Third Edition of The Clean Fight: Energy Storage

Our program brings together the best growth-stage companies and visionary customer and capital partners to scale energy storage solutions, at speed.

In collaboration with the technical expertise and resources of NY-BEST (New York Battery and Energy Storage Consortium) and Binghamton University, the third chapter of The Clean Fight is focused on creating abundant energy storage innovation and manufacturing in New York State.

From transportation & stationary storage systems, components, safety and chemistry to BMS, charging, financial innovation and more.

In Our Corner

We're proud to work with this outstanding group of partners in the Third Edition of The Clean Fight:

Customer Partners & Advisors

Capital Partners


Our Difference

Business Development

Focused on qualified leads with customer partners, driving to business agreements

Business Development

Our focus is on facilitating customer, supply chain and manufacturing partnerships. We help remove the obstacles blocking customers’ and startups’ ability to quickly implement new best-in-class solutions.

Financing Support

​Tailored connections to leading capital partners

Financing Support

We help connect you to the right sources of capital to meet your specific growth needs, from venture capital, venture debt, credit, project finance, working capital, and more.

Scaling Assistance

Up to $100k per company for capacity building, deployment or manufacturing support in NY

Scaling Assistance

Companies accepted into the program will be eligible to apply for up to $100k per company to help with capacity building, deployment or manufacturing support in NY.

NY Navigation

Expert insight into NY’s regulatory, legislative & financing opportunities

NY Navigation

We know how hard it is to break into or scale in NY. We provide guidance on navigating the New York market from top regulators, utilities, industry experts and gatekeepers.

6 Months, No Relocation

3 summits, ~2 hours a week of engagement

6 Months, No Relocation

We won’t waste your time. Our streamlined program is designed to maximize impact to your business with a focused and manageable time commitment.

Keep Your Company

As a not-for-profit, we don’t take an equity stake

Keep Your Company

As a not-for-profit, we don’t take an equity stake. Our interest is in making sure you win you Clean Fight, quickly. And that the win endures.

Our Kind of Companies


Solutions that are ready to scale: proven efficacy, impact, and meaningful customer demand.

Energy Storage Innovators

Companies built to meet the future needs of a modern grid and electrified world in a better way. Solutions that will enable a just transition, benefitting frontline and underserved communities.


Because we get excited by the work of scaling high impact solutions, at speed. Solutions poised to meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create quality jobs, and economic opportunity for all.

Our Approach

We won’t waste your time. Three targeted summits and virtual check-ins, all focused on helping you win your clean fight in New York.
In-depth needs assesment
Summit 1
Match with customer partners
Insight into the New York landscape
Summit 2
Meet with customer teams to progress partnerships
1:1s with capital partners
Super Summit
Share your Clean Fight with investors & broader customer community
1:1s with industry influencers and gatekeepers
Virtual Touchpoints
with our team, and Customer & Capital Partners to advance your Clean Fight