$10M Empire Technology Prize

$10M Empire Technology Prize

$10M Empire Technology Prize

Here’s a simple truth. If we don’t decarbonize buildings, we don’t solve the climate crisis.

70% of New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions and a third of New York State’s come from buildings. And it’s not just a New York problem. Buildings are the cause of 40% of global GHG emissions.

To solve this problem, we have no choice but to go big. Welcome to the Empire Technology Prize.

A $10M NYSERDA-backed challenge focused on the creation and adoption of hardware technologies that will have the greatest impact in decarbonizing New York’s tall buildings, at speed. The technologies that building owners most need but don’t yet exist or aren’t widely available in the United States.

Applications for the prize will open in 2023, and solution providers from around the world will be eligible to apply. Right now, we’re developing the focus of the prize, ensuring it will meet the needs of the market looking to adopt technologies, and the companies producing them. We’re focused on tall buildings, which we’re defining as 7+ stories for multifamily and 15+ stories for commercial.​

Read more about the program in our press release.

If you have any questions, contact us at hello@thecleanfight.com

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