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3 Trailblazing, Growth-Stage Startups Receive $846,600 in Grant Funding to Expand Energy Innovation

BlocPower, Phase Change and Radiator Labs receive the first grants from The Clean Fight.

Following the completion of The Clean Fight’s first-ever cohort, we’re excited to announce the award of $846,600 in grant funding to three companies from our first chapter of innovative startups, to continue to move the needle on decarbonizing New York.

The grants were approved based on the projects’ ability to help meet New York State’s climate goals for a just and equitable energy transition, with each requiring at least a 2:1 private match in funds.

Without further ado, we would like to congratulate BlocPower, Phase Change and Radiator Labs!

BlocPower, a climate technology startup using proprietary software for analysis, leasing, project management, and monitoring of clean energy projects that save customers annual energy costs, was awarded $400,000 to implement and support its program to electrify low-to middle-income communities anchored by houses of worship in New York. The funds from the grant will also be directed to expand the team, supporting full-time roles in construction management, direct labor support, workforce development, and more.

Phase Change Solutions, a company on the cutting edge of developing and supplying unique heat storage materials to keep buildings at a consistent temperature, was awarded $200,000 to help further their expansion into New York State. Part of the expansion will include ramping up installation of its ENRG Blanket® solution in low to moderate income communities across New York - a long-lasting, thermal material placed in ceilings, roofs, or walls to stabilize temperature and reduce heating and cooling costs. To date, ENRG Blanket® has already been installed in over 1000 commercial buildings.

Radiator Labs, an energy management and hybrid electrification platform for radiator-heated buildings, received two separate grants. The first grant, a $150,000 award, will help the team develop and deploy their energy-efficient technologies that allow propertieselectrify up to 80 percent of their heating requirements at just 20 percent of normal electrification costs, ensuring an equitable rollout of smart heating solutions. The second grant, a $96,600 award, is a business agreement grant in conjunction with Two Charlton Street Owners Corp. Two Charlton Street, a 175-unit building in New York City, is looking to do an expanded hybrid-electrification project that would advance electrification and decarbonization at the property. This project aims to provide high efficiency electric heating, low-cost electrification, and improved customer and resident experience.

We are immensely proud of all three of these companies and can’t wait to see their continued successes. Congrats again to BlocPower, Phase Change and Radiator Labs on receiving these well-deserved grants.

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Interested in joining the next chapter of The Clean Fight?

Before applying for these grants, each growth-stage company participated in our inaugural cohort focused on decarbonizing buildings across New York. During the five-month program, the cohort received introductions to leading customer and investor partners who can enable rapid growth, tailored support services to equip the company for scale, and guidance navigating the New York market from top regulators and industry experts. As a part of the program, the companies are eligible to apply for non-diluted grant funding with a 2:1 private match of up to $250,000 to support resulting partnership agreements, bridge loans, or growth rounds.

Our second edition, which will kick-off this fall, will focus on high-growth, scalable solutions tackling the decarbonization of the mass-market of buildings, those that are often older and in need of more extensive updates, but are less resourced compared to Class A buildings. Mass-market buildings, which are more likely to house frontline and underserved communities, have often been overlooked but are critical to decarbonize. Greening these buildings not only has significant climate impacts, but also has the potential to improve the overall health, comfort and cost of living for residents.

If you’re a growth-stage startup looking to scale in New York you can apply here: from June 21st through July 18th or get in touch with us at We look forward to hearing from you and keeping up The Clean Fight!