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Applications for the Fourth Chapter of The Clean Fight: Food Service Edition are open.



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The fourth edition of The Clean Fight will be focused on food warehousing, distribution and retail solutions with high GHG impact, cost efficiency, and a clear path to scalability, that can help the tight-margined food service industry transition effectively into the clean economy.

Our non-residential program will run from May-October 2024.

To help you be as successful as possible, here are some tools and information.

Our Kind of Companies

Our goal is to find companies at the sweet spot of market appetite, and climate & human impact. As a result, we seek out:

GROWTH-STAGE STARTUPS: Solutions with proven efficacy and impact, along with clear signs of market adoption. We use ~$1M in annual revenue as a benchmark. You don’t need to have a presence in the US; we welcome companies from around the world.

WAREHOUSING, DISTRIBUTION AND RETAIL SOLUTIONS TO DECARBONIZE THE FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY: We’re looking for best-in-class solutions that will help de-carbonize New York’s food service industry. We're interested in solutions across the value chain, although we are not focused on agriculture and food production.

Areas of particular interest include:

– Clean Refrigeration Equipment & Monitoring

– HVAC and Heat Recovery

– Building Energy Efficiency

– Onsite Renewables and Energy Storage

– Cold Chain and Refrigerated Transportation

– Electric Vehicle Charging

– Clean Cooking Equipment

– Food Waste

​If you have a solution outside of these areas, we welcome your application if it still meets the rest of our criteria.

CLIMATE & HUMAN IMPACT: Our favorite solutions combine: greenhouse gas emission reduction + diversity, equity and inclusion impacts + speed of implementation.

INTENTION TO SCALE IN NEW YORK: Our program is designed to facilitate business agreements with customers and to help build capacity in New York. If you secure contracts as a result of the program, you must be willing to establish a presence in New York State.

For more detail on our program, application and selection process, download our application packet.

​Read our FAQs.

​Join us on the New Energy Network Slack, a global community for clean energy entrepreneurs. We'll be on the #thecleanfight channel to answer your questions.