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Get to know the projects in the
Energy Storage Capital Challenge

Get to know the projects in the
Energy Storage Capital Challenge

Get to know the projects in the
Energy Storage Capital Challenge

for Transit

Significant obstacles exist for innovators and developers to successfully deploy in New York’s unique market. The Energy Storage Capital Challenge is focused on one key need: Aligning capital to accelerate innovative energy storage projects.

The Clean Fight is thrilled to announce the selection of six novel, development-stage projects that are bringing business model and technology innovations to the New York energy storage market, helping to accelerate the State towards its goal of 6 GW by 2030.

These six projects are a unique mix of experienced growth-stage storage developers and new storage technology providers. Each faces barriers to deployment that are typical of energy storage projects across New York State, and a critical development financing gap which the Energy Storage Capital Challenge will tackle.

Mobile Storage

NineDot Energy is leading community-scale, battery storage development in the New York City metropolitan region. NineDot’s first-of-its-kind project will demonstrate how to provide power where it's needed, when it's needed, by combining bi-directional EV chargers with energy-dense and cost-effective mobile storage units, providing both grid, and field-deployed temporary power support.

Power Edison is developing mobile and stationary battery energy storage systems on land and marine sites that provide scalable flexibility for electrical generation. This project will provide distributed energy benefits located directly at the point of system constraint on the Con Edison grid.

Stationary Storage

Convergent Energy and Power’s Brooklyn-based battery storage systems will provide critical infrastructure that can reduce the city’s reliance on fossil fuels and accelerate the clean energy transition. The systems will substantially increase the reliability of ConEd’s electric grid in Brooklyn, serving as an invaluable resource to the community.

Orenda Power is seeking to expand the options for energy storage in New York City, by developing an energy storage project in the Bronx featuring an innovative platform construction. By opening up options in site-constrained areas, Orenda aims to support a clean and dependable power grid.

Storage for Transit

Beacon Power will provide energy savings and emissions reductions for New York City Transit by installing 1 MW of kinetic energy storage on the 7 subway line. Its flywheels will capture and discharge passenger car braking energy, resulting in significant reductions in energy demand, usage and cost.

Sprocket Power’s solar, battery storage, building management, and EV charging microgrid project enables the Hampton Jitney - a longstanding family-owned business - to act as a regional EV charging hub for multiple bus fleets and public vehicles. Such integrated projects are novel in regional small and mid-sized businesses, benefiting those that adopt them and providing system-wide benefits to NY State ratepayers.

We’re proud to work with this dedicated set of capital, industry and funding partners to make the Energy Storage Capital Challenge a success.
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