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Empire Technology Prize
$10 Million
Applications Now Open

Letter of Market Support for the Empire Technology Prize Solution Areas

Dear Original Equipment Manufacturers,

We stand as committed real estate, engineering, and energy leaders, deeply invested in New York's sustainable future. We are writing to express our support for the technology focus areas of the Empire Technology Prize—a groundbreaking $10M initiative focused on accelerating the decarbonization of space heating in tall buildings, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City and State, and globally.

To facilitate the decarbonization of space heating in tall buildings in New York, we need additional solutions that are minimally disruptive to install, have a path to cost competitiveness, and have high GHG reduction impact.

We support the technology focus areas of the Prize as exemplary of the solutions we’re seeking as industry leaders and solutions we believe would significantly help to achieve these goals:

- Centralized heat pumps that generate steam (219°F/104°C) or high temperature hot water (180°F/82°C), which will enable them to work with existing distribution systems


- Novel distribution solutions that make it easier to adopt centralized low temperature heat pumps (≤120°F/49°C), without the need to remove existing distribution systems

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