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Energy Storage Capital Challenge:
Accelerating Energy Storage Projects in New York

The Clean Fight's latest program is designed to support innovative energy storage projects in need of capital to advance their deployment in New York State.

This is a pivotal time for energy storage innovation in New York, with unprecedented Federal and State incentives, policy, and funding to support the deployment of projects.

However, significant obstacles exist for innovators and developers to successfully deploy in New York’s unique market. The Energy Storage Capital Challenge is focused on one key need: Aligning capital to accelerate innovative energy storage projects.

Chart showing the change in Risk and Cost throughout project timeline.
Source: DevEngine, The Clean Fight

This highly-targeted program brings together decision-makers across the capital stack, industry experts, and your innovative energy storage project in New York State. This best-in-class group will work collectively to refine your project strategy and align capital in order to advance the development of your project — and the energy storage market in New York more broadly — to ensure a more diversified pipeline of projects.

What makes this unique? This is not about pitching your project to individual investors. Instead, we’re bringing together the capital stack to collaboratively workshop your project and financing strategy.

How We Support Your Clean Fight
Deep Connections to Capital Partners with $1.4T assets under management
Collaborative sessions with financiers across the capital stack to workshop solutions to overcome financing-related challenges to your project
Up to $200k to de-risk your project & catalyze financings
$200k in grant money for technical assistance or financing support
Tailored project development support
Advice and connections to key resources for critical development activities such as permitting, fire safety, AHJ and community engagement, manufacturing & supply chain support
Insight into how deals are done
Deep insight into how deals are evaluated by different capital partners to inform project financing strategies
Connection to NY energy storage influencers
Networking and connections to the leading NY experts and influencers to help advance your project
Seat at the table defining the future of energy storage financing in New York
Part of a group of the leaders in the field, actively defining the capital stack needed to create a diversified, innovative energy storage project pipeline
What We're Looking For
  • Energy storage projects currently in development in New York State. Our sweet spot is projects that are post-site control but pre-financial close.

  • Innovative or First of a Kind. Projects that include a novel element  - be that technology, business model, use case, etc.

  • Experiencing a specific capital challenge. In need of a financing solution that is currently un- or under-represented in the New York market.

  • Broader applicability. The challenges experienced by the project must not be atypical, to ensure that the potential solutions can have broader benefit.

Who we’re looking for
Three types of developers:
Solution providers looking to deploy new energy storage technologies in NYS
Small developers looking to bring new technologies, business models, and/or use cases to the NYS ecosystem
Veteran storage developers interested in testing new technologies, business models, and/or use cases
Large energy storage box
Program Goals
  • Create a blueprint of the business model innovations and capital stack required to ensure a diversified and flowing project pipeline in New York State.

  • Share learnings with the broader ecosystem in order to structure financeable projects, catalyze greater investment, and encourage policy/regulatory developments.

  • Provide access and support in advancing the development of projects in the program, alongside our capital partners and industry partners.

  • Support momentum in the development pipeline for projects in the program, with our technical assistance partners.

Program structure
Needs assessment
First Convening
Workshop your project with leaders across the capital stack, and NY industry experts, to define capital challenges & financing strategies.
Second Convening
Deep dive with capital partners to discuss potential financing solutions that could advance your project.
Climate Week
Exclusive Climate Week happening to showcase learnings and solutions to the energy storage and financing community.
Ongoing support, connecting you to NY energy storage resources
to help advance your project

The Clean Fight is a coalition member of New Energy New York (NENY) led by Binghamton University, the federally designated Battery Tech Hub, and winner of the EDA Build Back Better Regional Challenge, and the U.S. National Science Foundation Regional Innovation Engines program.