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New York Launch Event: Panel recordings

Hear from the sponsors of the Empire Technology Prize - NYSERDA and Wells Fargo - and from our demonstration partners as to why the market sees high temperature heat pumps and novel distribution solutions as critical to the decarbonisation of New York's tall buildings
November 14, 2023
Opening remarks at the launch of the Empire Technology Prize: Kate Frucher, Managing Director, The Clean Fight. Susanne DesRoche, Vice President, Clean and Resilient Buildings, NYSERDA. Jeffrey Schub, SVP, Sustainable Finance Integration, Wells Fargo
Panel on the market demand for new solutions to decarbonize tall buildings in New York: Molly Dee Ramasamy, Director, JB&B Deep Carbon Reduction Group. Lauren Moss, SVP, Chief Sustainability Officer, Vornado Realty Trust. Kelly Souza, Managing Director, Wells Fargo. Rohit Aggarwala, Chief Climate Officer, New York City
Panel on the opportunities and challenges in decarbonizing New York's LMI and affordable housing. Taylor Rowe, Director of Customer & Capital Partnerships, The Clean Fight. Siobhan Watson, Deputy Director, Sustainability Programs, New York City Housing Authority, Laura Spencer Humphrey, Director of Sustainability, L+M Development Partners. Sadie McKeown, President, Community Preservation Corporation