Customer Partner

Customer Partner

Become a Customer Partner in The Clean Fight

The Clean Fight brings together the best growth-stage companies and visionary customer partners to scale solutions to turn New York’s mass-market building stock clean.

​Our goal is to help you win your clean fight, through the unique design of our accelerator, built to speed the energy transition.

Solutions Not Ideas

Growth-stage companies with proven technology & impact, ready to scale

Vetted & Validated

We source, evaluate & diligence the most promising startups, with your priorities in mind

Streamlined Design

Structured to efficiently and effectively drive to develop partnerships and mitigate transactional risks

In return, we ask you to commit your interest and expertise to help our cohort companies win their Clean Fight in the NY market.

Commit Your Interest

Intention to work toward direct agreements with cohort companies, e.g. pilots, demos or customer intros

Involve the Right Talent

C-Suite/decision-maker involved at the three core summits

Internal champion with the interestand influence to drive partnerships at and between summits

Share Your Expertise

Mentoring, coaching and/or technical assistance to companies

Our kind of partners are those excited to implement, benefit from, and support the broader scaling of clean energy and efficiency solutions for New York. People who know how the system works, and how to re-work the system.

Interested in finding out more about becoming a Customer Partner?